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We develop and produce advanced technical solutions that help farmers globally to produce food more sustainably and efficiently. Having our roots in salmon farming, we already delivered solutions to more than 3.500 salmon cages over the years.

It is our great challenge to keep improving upon existing solutions, expand techniques to different species and expand to different parts of the world.

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We believe aquaculture can play an important part in the growing demand for high quality food. We work hard every day to develop solutions that help optimize production, lower feed waste and increase fish welfare, so we can feed our future world sustainably.


We are passionate about what we do and fiery to develop solutions that meet the needs of our species. Our team has a ruthless ambition to create technology that enable farmers to produce more with less. We are continuously improving ourselves, and our solutions.


Data is the key to understanding nature in a way that wasn’t possible before. We help farmers to make objective decisions, based on facts and data. Our technology helps augment human intuition and our algorithms are already beating human operators.


Our mission is to help optimize seafood production in the most responsible,
respectful and sustainable manner achievable.


Ever since the late ’80 of the previous century, CageEye team members have been using hydroacoustic technology to study salmon behavior for scientific research purposes.

CageEye was established in 2013, to commercialize the study and use the potential of hydroacoustics to understand the appetite of the fish and make data-driven feeding decisions.

CageEye grew fast, in terms of development, customer base, solutions and number of team members and developed into a scalable and data-driven platform.

The company acquired industry partner NorseAqua in 2019, to further strengthen position in the Norwegian salmon market. The two companies together formed Bluegrove. In 2020, SEALAB was added to Bluegrove.

Bluegrove now serves farmers globally with a platform of complementary solutions that drive the shift towards more efficient and sustainable production across the aquaculture industry.

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Bluegrove consists of

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CageEye uses hydroacoustics and smart algorithms to observe fish behavior and to objectively measure the appetite of the fish. This enables farmers to follow the fish’s natural routines and feed according to the fish’s appetite, resulting in more efficient feeding, less feed waste and improved animal welfare. CageEye’s autonomous feeding solution is a break-through in salmon farming.

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NorseAqua develops and produces fish farming equipment and cleaner fish equipment. The robust, easy to use and customized products help fish farmers improve their production. NorseAqua is well known for their feeders and feed spreader, their Mid-Norwegian Ring that helps improve the water quality in cages and for their kelp systems, being used to support the usae of cleaner fish to fight sea lice problems.

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SEALAB provides leading camera technology solutions to monitor and analyze fish in the aquaculture industry. The solutions integrate software and smart IoT devices, such as camerasa, lights, and sensors to provide useful analysis and insight into fish farming operations. SEALAB is located in Trondheim and Oslo.

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New talent

We are a fast-growing company. So even if we don’t have any open vacancies, we are always happy to hear from qualified candidates.

If you would like to become part of our team, and you think you have something to contribute, please get in touch and send us your resumé and short motivation.

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