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Understanding Bluegrove

Why we do what we do

Bluegrove is an aquatech company that helps feed our future population by developing precision farming tools and solutions to optimize seafood production in balance with nature.

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Where we came from

Since the late 1980’s people have been experimenting with hydroacoustics to study salmon behavior. In 2013 CageEye was founded to further study and commercialize this technique. In 2020 we launched Bluegrove.

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What we bring to the industry

Our product portfolio ranges from on-farm hardware to feeding solutions with real-time data, analysis and dashboards. We advise and support farmers on their feeding strategies.

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Our founders

Bendik S. Søvegjarto


Joakim Myrland


Petter Kleppan


Our team around the world

team members

5 team members
with PhDs

21% female employees,
holding management

12 self governing and
autonomous teams

Bluegrove factsheet (PDF)
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Our brands

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Markets & financial

In a world with an ever growing population, food demand keeps rising. At the same time, land based farming has reached its economic and environmental limits. In contrast, sea based farming accounts for only 2% of all food production. Seafood production uses significantly less resources for the same yield of high quality proteins.

World population

Billion people, 2000 – 2050


as much food will be required by 2050 due to increased population and consumption.

Food demand

Index (year 2000 = 100%)


FAO expects a 37% growth in aquaculture production from 2016 to 2030, reaching 109 million tonnes annually.

Our farming partners

Established operations in 5 geos

Serving the 15 largest salmon farmers in Norway
Farmers using our solutions represent 84% of global salmon production
102 salmon cages equipped with feeding solutions in 2020
Target of 1400+ cages with feeding solutions in 2025
Moving into new territories and species

Underwater understanding

Aquaculture is farming under water. Limited insight and lack of control are some of the key issues farmers are facing in their daily work.

News and financial reports

January 10th, 2022

Full 2020 financial statements (Norsk) (PDF)

Press attention

June 10th, 2020

September 9th, 2020

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Bendik S. Sovegjarto

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We adopted these UN goals as our own.

And we aim to make them the industry’s too.

Helping feed the planet by maximizing biomass growth in aquatic farming.

Better use of resources by preventing feed waste

Improving animal welfare by feeding based on the appetite

Helping feed the planet by maximizing biomass growth in aquatic farming.

Better use of resources by preventing feed waste

Improving animal welfare by feeding based on the appetite

Download our sustainability strategy (PDF)

Our ambition is to optimize the production of 8 billion meals in 2025

8 billion

Why ecology and economy goes hand in hand

Understanding fish behavior by using tech and data

Extreme focus on the fish and its appetite, maximizing the growth potential of the fish

Acting upon the needs of the species

Feeding when the appetite is high: down to 0 % feed waste

Understanding the needs of the environment

Improving long-term farm results and sustainable production

Reducing CO₂ emissions and energy footprint

Reducing (energy) cost and environmental/ecological taxes.

Investing in Bluegrove means…

Addressing the core challenge of feeding a growing population by enabling sustainable protein production

Enabling data-driven solutions for operational optimization for an industry bound to grow by technology

Investing in expertise within multiple disciplines, continuously increasing its asymmetric technology advantage

Backing a company built to scale – ready for further expansion of the Bluegrove platform

Opportunity to create a EUR 1bn+ revenue company, driving digitalization of the industry

Our investors bring in more than just capital, like knowledge, network, experience, or specific competences.