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June 25, 2020

Bluegrove Foundation to help local communities develop healthy environments for sustainable food production

Oslo, 25 June 2020 – Aquatech company Bluegrove has launched Bluegrove Foundation, which will work with local communities to create healthy environments for food production by creating integrated systems of ecological and environmental design.

A local farmer in India and Bendik Søvegjarto share experiences

A local farmer in India and Bendik Søvegjarto share experiences

“Bluegrove Foundation’s broad scope is based on our understanding that an integrated system of ecological and environmental design forms the basis for lasting and sustainable forms of farming, both above and below the water surface. It even enables the birth of new social structures,” said Bendik Søvegjarto, CEO, Bluegrove.

Bluegrove Foundation will help design, develop, and support large-scale projects, both on land and at sea, that enable the production of healthy food, while simultaneously reversing damage to the ecosystem. Technology and data will be used to study nature in ways that were not possible before.

“We know how to gather, analyze and respond to data in ways that help us understand fish and other maritime species. We want such skills and knowledge to spread beyond the aquaculture sector, because an understanding of the rhythm and cycles of nature will help optimize food production,” said Søvegjarto.

Bluegrove Foundation will study, develop and apply auto-sustainable systems, and will work hand in hand with governments to shape new policies in order to fast-track the recovery of damaged ecosystems. It will support ecologically driven food initiatives that aim to maintain a perfect balance between growth and harvest, thereby creating perpetual sources of food for decades, or even centuries.

“There are many acres of land available globally, that might look deserted, but have the potential to be used for sustainable food production. When we manage to convert these areas into a polyculture of many layers, we not only create a healthy ecosystem, but we also provide access to nutritious meals, restore deserted soil and facilitate the inclusion of individuals that are not participation in today’s society by providing meaningful jobs in rural areas,” said Søvegjarto.

Planting trees is one of the key elements in the foundation’s mission of creating sustainable habitats for food production: large trees provide shade and shelter for smaller trees and bushes, and they all feed off dead trees and roots that provide nutrients for the earth.

“Forests are a perfect example of the marvels of natural design. They are made up of layers of trees and plants that all serve different purposes. A forest uses cycles of constant transformation to keep itself alive, productive, safe, and in constant expansion. Our Foundation will, therefore, consider projects that aim to create food forests; natural ecosystems that combine trees, crops, and sometimes livestock.”

The foundation will provide education programs and technological support, and it will facilitate suitable finance solutions, such as microcredit arrangements or direct investments by Bluegrove or others.

Oversight will come from an advisory board made up of aquatech scientists, forestry experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, personnel from our large corporate partners, and external contributors. These experts will also provide both mentoring and training to startups and other operators eager to develop and expand their operations.

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