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September 20, 2020

How two snow castles became 8 billion meals

Our CEO – Bendik  S. Søvegjarto

Our ambition: optimizing 8 billion meals by 2025

“I remember when I joined Bluegrove –  called CageEye back then –  I had not yet graduated from University, but I jumped on the opportunity as I wanted to create.”

“The thought of building circuit boards for a real-life purpose excited me and reminded me of how I had been building possibly Norway’s largest snow castles with my brother as a kid; with passion and commitment.

That snowcastle we built in 2004 was serious business. We shoveled our entire neighbourhood, converted the snow into compacted square building blocks and used our entire backyard to create a massive fortress. The news of our castle spread, and we ended up on national television. The year after, we had to do it again — only even higher.

The snow castle became my metaphor in life. I still love to create, improve, and work with passion. However, one thing has evolved. Instead of just building, I learned what gives me real fulfilment is creating something that brings happiness to others.

So when I realized the amount of increased seafood production our technology can enable, I set myself and Bluegrove an ambitious goal; optimizing  8 billion meals in 2025. That’s basically one meal per capita of the world.

To reach that ambition, we are building a platform of solutions that help farmers increase their production while taking care of the species and the environment. Now, and in the future. We call that; “Focusing on ecology”.

We use sensor technology to augment human senses and to help understand the needs of the species. Our smart algorithms interpret data so farmers can act upon the needs of nature. The end goal is always the same: creating healthy environments for long-term food production, so we can feed our future world sustainably.

From two snowcastles to 8 billion meals. We will make it. Join us on our mission.”

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