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November 6, 2020

Bluegrove appoints Gunnar Sivertsen as new Production and Service Lead

Bluegrove has appointed Gunnar Sivertsen as its new Production and Service Lead. Sivertsen will be responsible for production and service for solutions provided by Bluegrove’s subsidiaries CageEye, NorseAqua, and SEALAB.

Portrait of Bluegrove's Gunnar Sivertsen

Bluegrove appoints Gunnar Sivertsen as new Production and Service Lead

Sivertsen will be responsible for the production and service of all hardware solutions Bluegrove offers, including the hydroacoustic sensors, subsea cameras, feed spreaders, kelp systems and feed spreaders.

“We have a team of passionate and dedicated people working in our facilities in Terråk, Trondheim and Oslo. Their work ethic is wonderful. I will focus on providing people with the tools they need to perform their jobs in the best ways possible,” said Sivertsen.

Sivertsen has previously worked in various positions in the production of electrical solutions, electronics, and electromechanics. He qualified as an electrical engineer at the Sør-Trøndelag University College (HiST) in Trondheim.

In his position as a Production Manager in electronics manufacturing services company Noca, later Simpro, he contributed to the development and implementation of new production processes, with a focus on LEAN production methods. Sivertsen was responsible for machines and equipment, calculations, deliveries, warehousing, improvements and personnel.

“Gunnar has a proven track record when it comes to growing and scaling production environments and he understands the importance of finding the right, passionate people who can do the work. His experience and attitude make him a great fit with our culture in Bluegrove,” said Bendik S. Søvegjarto, CEO, Bluegrove.


Bluegrove offers a range of hardware and software solutions to farmers to improve their operations in sustainable ways. This ranges from onsite hardware, such as cleaner fish solutions, and fish farming solutions, to subsea cameras and machine-assisted feeding solutions.

The company is now serving salmon farmers in Norway, Chile, The Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Canada. Bluegrove aims to expand quickly as it further develops its solutions for salmon farming and as it expands into new markets for new aquaculture species. This means production facilities will need to be augmented in the years to come.

“When we ramp up we have to make sure, we have a well-documented process in place that supports high-volume production, without that making less of a quality product. I will introduce additional systems such as 5S to make our production ready for that,” said Sivertsen.

“At the same time, I realize that people make the difference. Many people can read drawings and assemble products, but you will only achieve the highest quality if people with the right know-how put their pride in the production. That is what we already do today, and what we will keep doing in the future.”

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