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March 16, 2021

Bluegrove at HavExpo Digital – 23rd and 24th of March 2021

Come visit our virtual stand at HavExpo Digital to chat about our hydroacoustic technology, cleaner fish equipment, and high-resolution camera systems. Don’t forget to also join our presentations and learn more about behavioral insight to optimize salmon production.

HavExpo booth

Bluegrove virtual booth

Our team is here to help you and tell you all about our smart feeding systems, reliable cleaner fish equipment and underwater vision technology. Feel free to drop by whenever you like, or book a meeting in advance. 


Our team members Ole Fretheim and Dr. Sunil Kadri will present at the event to share their knowledge on the use of behavioral insight to optimize salmon production.

Ole Fretheim

Advanced appetite assessment and precision feeding made simple
23 March, 13:30-13:42 CET

Ole Fretheim will explain how hydroacoustics can be used to detect patterns in swimming and schooling behavior to analyze appetite and feeding response of fish in cages.

He will showcase how operators can feed with higher precision based upon new insight and real-time, data-driven feeding support.

Sunil Kadri

Biological insight and disease prediction by measuring fish behavior
24 March, 10:15-10:27 CET

Sunil will provide insight into the use of behavioral monitoring and analysis to observe patterns and apply findings that cannot be picked up using traditional methods. Historical analysis and early warnings enable improved production and faster response times respectively, as well as enabling the farmer to lower mortality and increase welfare of salmon in cages.

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