Our solution: Understanding your entire cage population 24/7

How to understand your salmon better?

Salmon has unique dietary needs, rhythms, habits and welfare concerns. To understand the optimal feeding regime, we need to factor in hundreds of parameters and analyze them in real time. Bluegrove supports and enables you to do just that.

In Bluegrove we use a combination of technologies, scientific data, human expertise and smart analysis to understand and act upon the needs of the salmon and its surroundings.

Bluegrove feeding solutions – software

CageEye Echofeeding

A ‘human-in-the-loop’ autonomous feeding solution that makes it possible to plan feeding days efficiently, execute any feeding procedure consistently, and analyze the different aspects of feeding needed to enable continuous improvement.

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CageEye Discovery

Our analytical platform provides both real-time and historical information of fish behavior, that shows where in the cage the fish is at all times, regardless of visibility and light. We provide a key data set that enable you to optimize your production.

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  • Powered by Bluegrove sensor technology

Hardware and equipment to optimize sustainable seafood production

Hardware and equipment

Based on 10 years of learning farming operations and 30 years of research in hydroacoustic technology

  • Hydroacoustic sensors

  • Echosounder

With our platform of complementary solutions, we offer farmers the possibility to augment their capabilities and intuition, ranging from tools and hardware that make daily work more efficient, to ‘human-in-the-loop’ autonomous feeding solution.