Solutions: How we understand the population

How to understand our species?

Every species has its own dietary needs, rhythms, habits and welfare standards. The same is true for the ecological systems they live in. So to understand the optimal feeding regime, we need to factor in hundreds of parameters and analyze this in real time. A near impossible task, even for the most experienced feeder.

In Bluegrove we use a combination of technologies, scientific data, human expertise and smart analysis to understand and act upon the needs of the species and its surroundings.

Bluegrove feeding solutions – software

Feeding Assistant

Data-driven feeding support that helps you make the right feeding decisions at all times. One dashboard for a full overview. 

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Fully autonomous feeding based upon fish behavior and appetite analysis. Additional support from Bluegrove experts.

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Analytics & Performance Reports

Analytical platform for full underwater understanding enabling you to optimize your production.

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  • Powered by Bluegrove sensor technology

Hardware and equipment to optimize seafood production sustainably

Bluegrove solutions

Hardware and equipment

Based on 10 years of learning farming operations and 30 years of research in hydroacoustic technology

  • Hydroacoustic sensors

  • Echosounder

Fish farming and cleaner fish equipment
  • Underwater Lights

  • Underwater Camera

  • Loke Cone Feed Spreader

  • Mid-Norwegian ring

  • Curtain and Krane Kelp

  • Belt Feeder and Odin Feeder

With our platform of complementary solutions, we offer farmers the possibility to augment their capabilities and intuition, ranging from tools and hardware that make daily work more efficient to fully autonomous feeding as a service.

Unlocking the power of data with SonarX

The Bluegrove digital platform also includes SonarX acoustic post processing software. This software has been developed and expanded during the past 20 years in close cooperation with scientists all around the world working with echo sounders. The result is a system that processes and analyses hydro acoustic data in an easy, fast and accurate way.

Application overview