Solutions: How we understand the population

How to understand our species?

Every species has its own dietary needs, rhythms, habits and welfare standards. The same is true for the ecological systems they live in. So to understand the optimal feeding regime, we need to factor in hundreds of parameters and analyze this in real time. A near impossible task, even for the most experienced feeder.

In Bluegrove we use a combination of technologies, scientific data, human expertise and smart analysis to understand and act upon the needs of the species and its surroundings.

Our solution

Bluegrove Cyber Biophysical Systems

A system using smart algorithms to monitor or control a natural environment

A cyber biophysical system (CBS) is a system using intelligent algorithms to monitor or control a natural environment. Our Bluegrove CBS uses a combination of measurements, analysis and human expertise to perform real-times adjustments of the feeding, based on the behavior and appetite of the fish.

Scientific expertise

Multi Client Data Library
production days monitored
Pattern recognition
features identified from fish school measurements
Data model simulation
meals simulated

Collected data

Biological services
hours per cage per production cycle
Professional services
hours per cage per production cycle

Real time analysis and response

hours of machine assisted feeding; human observation
Decision engine
hours of feeding activity analyzed
environmental parameters taken into account by Bluegrove analytics

This enables us to benefit from natural growth cycles and use the power of nature to optimize production, while taking care of her at the same time.

Data-driven decisions with a focus on ecology

We observe behavioral changes earlier

With our technology, farmers can observe behavioral changes earlier than using other methods of monitoring. It helps lower response times, contributing to their goal of making sure fish are happy and healthy.

We measure and monitor water quality

Water quality matters to us all, though for farmed fish it is a matter of life and death. With our sensors, we help farmers get better insight and control. The obvious results are improved animal welfare, better growth and optimized production.

We feed with extreme precision

We offer data-driven and even fully automated feeding based on the premises of the fish, resulting in less feed waste, higher fish growth and improved animal welfare.

We help produce sustainably

Seafood production requires energy. What if we can use clean alternatives to make production even more environmentally friendly? Combining this with the most advanced monitoring and analysis tools that Bluegrove offers, we support high-quality, sustainable and friendly produced seafood.

Bluegrove consists of