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Optimized and autonomous Feeding-as-a-Service

Echofeeding is an autonomous feeding solution. Using a combination of hardware, data, software, algorithms and expert knowledge the Echofeeding system is able to feed in a way that truly follows the fish’s needs.

Hydroacoustic sensors monitor salmon behavior and help understand the appetite of the fish. Paired with our intelligent algorithms, the Echofeeding system adjusts feeding to match the fish’s appetite.

How it feeds more efficiently

Fish appetite is determined by many parameters, such as satiation, time of day and water temperature.

Bluegrove uses a combination of software, hardware, and machine learning to reveal the hidden dependencies between such parameters and feeding motivation. This empowers us to set the right feeding intensities at the right times and reach previously impossible results for our farming partners.

Key features

Fully automatic feeding: dynamic and real-time adjustments

24/7 monitoring
Pattern recognition and analysis

Multiple feeding decisions at the same time

Additional support from our advisors

The Bluegrove Echofeeding feeding algorithms outperform human operators in every aspect: more insights, deeper understanding, quicker reactions and unlimited 24/7 attentiveness.

Included in Echofeeding

Easy installation

We install the equipment and set up the dashboard. Echofeeding runs on hardware that is easy to install, requires little maintenance (self-cleaning), and is well proven to withstand some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

Extensive support

The Bluegrove team of team of algorithm experts, data scientists, expert biological advice and product developers provide industry-leading expertise and services to improve feeding and tailor feeding regimes to each cage.

Seamless integration

We integrate our feeding solutions with your feeding system, making sure the right amounts of feed are being distributed at the right times. After integration, we ensure a stable system with maximum uptime, 24/7 insight and optimal ease of use. 

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