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Make every feeding decision the right decision

Feeding Assistant 4 gives salmon feeders real-time feeding support. Hydroacoustics and machine learning help you become more sure about your feeding, be better on growth, and have less feed waste.

Hydroacoustic sensors monitor salmon behavior to understand the appetite of the fish. Feeding Assistant advises you when to start, stop, or adjust the feeding, based on the fish’s response.

Key features

Assisted feeding: dynamic and in real-time, based on the fish’s needs

24/7 pattern recognition and monitoring of the population’s behavior

Self-learning system. Can be trained to perform at a very high level

Dedicated user-friendly control software. Accessible at any time for 24/7 insight

The dashboard tells you when to start, stop or adjust the feeding, based on the fish’s response. With the always-accept functionality, the machine takes over the feeding completely, like an autopilot.

The feeder decides

Supported by helpful assistants

Each cage has its own AI algorithm that interprets data and generates feeding recommendations in real-time. If the feeder rejects the algorithm’s suggestions several times, the algorithm will adjust, aiming to feed as similar to the feeder as possible. This ensures consistency in the feeding and conditioning of the fish.

Included in Feeding Assistant 4

Seamless integration

We integrate our feeding solutions with your feeding system, making sure the right amounts of feed are being distributed at the right times. After integration, we ensure a stable system with maximum uptime, 24/7 insight, and optimal ease of use. 

Improved user interface

Based on the experience of our farming partners we have further updated our user interface. Feeding Assistant 4 has an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that gives a clear overview of all of your cages in a split second. 

Self-learning system

Our feeding algorithms learn every day. With our large dataset covering farms all along the coast of Norway and abroad we train our deep learning model to even further improve the accuracy of the feeding recommendations.

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